Having your own personal Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor at your fingertips gives you complete flexibility and individual focus. 

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Your path to a happier, healthier life that you love begins with your free consultation.  Just send us your number, we give you a call and we'll talk about what you're looking to accomplish. We can discuss anything you like: challenges with relationships, work, school, yoga, food, exercise, acne, weight loss, habits, events - the call is your oyster!

If at the end of the call you know that working with One Balance is your ticket to the life you dream of having, great! We'll get your next consultation on the books and send you some materials to get your coaching started right away. If not, no worries! The one-on-one coaching call is our gift to you, and we're here for you when you're ready to move forward and create your ideal life.  

Once we've established that One Balance is right for you, the possibilities are limitless. Your wellness coach  will help you identify areas in your life that are currently holding you back from your happiest, healthiest self, and from there we'll work together to get them where you want them to be.