PiYo Workout

The PiYo Challenge Pack includes 9 awesome workouts, tools for success, 4 BONUS gifts PLUS a full 30 day supply of Shakeology, the most nutritionally miraculous and downright delicious dietary supplement I've ever come across in my wellness journey. I highly recommend Shakeology for accelerated results, particularly if you have a sweet tooth. It really helps curb cravings, boost energy, and get a large dose of dense nutrition, and overall well being. If shakes aren't your thing but you still want the workout, you can just get the Piyo DVD's without the Shakeology and do your own thing nutritionally.  

One Balance Challenges are not just about losing weight or learning how to eat a little better, they are about helping you take the next step toward your ideal life. Wellness and fitness are such enormous life factors, and having great health allows you to accomplish so much more in life than you previously thought possible by increasing your confidence, endurance and an improving your self image. Most people have tried diets or workouts on their own, taken off weight and put it back on. There is only one surefire way to create lasting and effective positive change in your body and life; rewire your mind around the way you view food, exercise, and most importantly yourself! I want to help you make a lifestyle change to see and create your own worth to create lifelong health, wealth and happiness :)

Have questions? Contact Us! Need a new home workout but don't find PiYo appealing? Great news! You can choose ANY of the diverse Beachbody fitness programs and commit to the workout of your choice!